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  • Ramp Services

    Equiped with State-of-the-Art Ground Support Equipments( GSE) and highy qualified manpower,GHS  is  fully geared to provide ramp services at Juba Airport...

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  • Passengers services

    Check-in and Boarding:

    GHS passenger services staff are the key interface between our customer airlines and their passengers and play a...

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  • Cargo Services

    GHS is equipped with latest and “State of the Art” ground support equipment from Pallet Break , Dollies, MDL,HDL so...

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  • Traffic Operations

    GHS  experienced Traffic Operation Team  will be at your disposal while your aircraft is on ground  and will provide all...

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      Group Handling Services

      GHS has been launched to meet a growing need throughout the aviation industry for a Ground Handler that offers a totally reliable professional and high quality service across the range of Ground Operations requirements.

      GHS operations centre is equipped with state of the art communication equipment and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing for constant monitoring of operations and swift response when needed. Beside weather reports and forecasts, computerized flight plans, and ATC flight plans at or from any airport in the world, we are in a position to organize within the hour medevac, technical and legal assistance as well.

      Indeed, we pride ourselves as a partner in our customers business initiatives.

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